Wrapping up

Well, we are home now and the doctor visits, tests, etc. are getting old.  Nevertheless, it’s what I have to do since this headache (there’s only been one – 24/7 for almost 6 months) has forced us home and I am bound to find the cause and a solution.

It was hard to leave our good partners and friends.  Yudith, our dear friend at the MERCY home, actually met us at our apartment at 3:30 am to take us to the airport.  Such a treasure and so nice.  The flight to Abilene TX was a LONG 24 hours but so fun to dome the stairs to baggage claim and see Holly, Jason, Tessa and Everett!   We then went to Bella and Gena’s dance school to pick them up and that was a great surprise for them!

It was great getting to love on Everett since he was born while we were gone.

A few days later, Kevin, Brittany and Sarina flew in and we had an early Thanksgiving.

So after many doctor visits, MRI’s, blood tests, spinal tap, etc., Dr. Cooper’s (Neurologist) the initial diagnosis was Neurosarcoidosis – an inflammation of the brain tissue.  So he put me on Prednisone but encouraged me to get a second opinion.  Dr. Selby (Internist) trained at Mayo clinic so he made a call there.  I followed that up and called and after giving them all the information, she asked what insurance I was using, so I said ‘Medicare’.  She then said, ‘oh, we don;t take Medicare’, so I’m back at square one.  Then an hour later she called and said Dr. Wingerchuk would take me and he could see me in a few days!   So it turns our he is the head of the Neurology department at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  He wanted an MRV (magnetic resonance venography) so I did that last Saturday.  Based on that, they have concluded I have a slow buildup of fluid (blood, serum) between the brain and skull.  And based on that, I have an appointment with Dr. Bendok (Neuro Surgeon) at Mayo on January 11.  Perhaps to drill a hole in my skull and suck out my brain…..

We are starting the RV adventure soon, so I will start a separate blog for that,  I’ll transition over to that one and post the health update there.

The Buell’s RV Adventure


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up”

  1. Dave,
    I am glad you are getting to the bottom of your health issues. Doesn’t sound to serious, just a little brain surgery :/. Take care, our prayers are with you. Here’s hoping you and DeeAnn have a wonderful Christmas season with your family.
    Russ and Tawny


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