Refugee School

Our last day at the Refugee School was a sad one.  In a very short time, the people we’ve met there are our friends and we feel for them and the terrible situation they are in.  They can’t work, the kids can’t go to school, they are stuck for years in ‘no-mans land’ – they can’t go back for fear of being killed and they can’t move forward because the UNHCR refugee settlement situation takes forever.  The latest estimate for resettlement is after they receive refugee 8-10 years, and that’s AFTER they achieve refugee status, which takes 18-24 months.   So for the years they are here,  they do the best they can – and the best thing is to be involved in the several refugee schools that in the area.

Salim and his family
Azghar is a Christian refugee – he’s actually taking the discussions!  When we first met him he said ‘I’ve been talking to your son’.  Uhh…I’m pretty sure that’s not the case…So he said ‘Isn’t Elder Bell your son’?  Ahhh – Elder Bell, Elder Buell, close enough!
The youngsters.  All of the boys are 14/15 and are here alone.  The girls are so sweet – and Nura (the girl in the black hijab) is SO like an American teenager – her English is so good she uses American slang!
We caught Mohammed sleeping, so we took the pic!
The older personal finance class.  I can teach them about banks, loans, checking accounts, credit cards, ATM’s, etc.,  but it’s frustrating because they can’t have any of those things here.  I can only tell them ‘remember this, because you’ll need it when you get to where you’re going’.  Of course, for some, that will be years….


I will not miss climbing these stairs to the upstairs classroom!  They KILL my feet!


We will miss them too…..

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