Refugee School Flood

Today was a normal Monday – our day to teach at the Refugee School.  And it started out that way.  We taught our classes at 10, then at 11, then walked to Domino’s for lunch.  While we were there, it started raining.  And not just raining – POURING!

Right outside Domino’s.  I’m thinking ‘how am I going to cross the street without getting my shoes wet’?  Answer: I don’t



The water got deeper….
By the time we got back to the school, the water was mid-calf deep….forget about not getting the shoes wet!  Even though we had umbrellas, we were soaked!


This is the little street leading to the school – the water was about 18″ deep.

So we thought, ‘wow, it’s really raining, and oh well, we got wet’.  Well, it kept raining, and pretty soon, the water was coming into the school!


So whoever was in the school pitched in trying to keep it out….
DeeAnn scooping water



What’s a little water??!!



Pulling up the carpet – hopefully it’s salvageable….LDS Charities just bought it a few weeks ago!
Moving the furniture to a dry room


Zoha – a little cutie!!
Somali ladies trying to leave

Needless to say, our afternoon class didn’t meet as we all pitched in to work.  Eventually, it stopped raining, and finally, the water subsided.  We pulled up the carpet, squeegeed the rest of the water out, and cleaned up as best we could.

As we were finishing up, I noticed the neighbor across the street was trying to clean up his house with just he and his wife.  So we went across the street and helped him out.  Hopefully, we the Refugee School earned a little goodwill with the neighborhood!  (No pics because my phone died!)

What a day!


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