Young Single Adult BBQ

DeeAnn and I are the YSA advisors in the Tangerang I Ward.  They wanted to have a BBQ on Saturday night, so we took a 2-hour Uber ride from our apartment to Tangerang.  Proof once again that nothing is easy in Jakarta!

BBQ’s are a little different in Indonesia in terms of food- in the US there’d be hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, etc.  Not so much here….Actually, there were “sausages”, sort of like hot dogs (but they really aren’t to be trusted).  They had squid, shrimp (complete with shells) and really good chicken.  Rice, meat and some watermelon.  We brought canned baked beans, some Doritos and Cheetos and brownies.  (FYI – chips are about $5 per bag)

While the food might be a bot different, BBQ’s are identical in terms of fun, fellowship, and a good time!

Vien cooking squid



The great YSA’s


We REALLY enjoy our contact with these great YSA’s.


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