Yayasan Lentera Surakarta

YLS is the small orphanage in Solo for children with AIDS.  We finally got a project approved here, but it’s been so long since it was originally submitted that we needed to stop and confirm if their list of needs was still their list!  As it turns out, they have been recipients of some things donated by kind donors, such as a new fridge and a washing machine.  Since our last visit, they also found out the government is renovating a building for their use!  And they will now have the capacity to take up to 30 children!

With pak Mulyono (head of the orphanage) and Michelle, the oldest resident at 12.
The newest resident –  one-month old…
Two members of the Solo Stake helping us – Br. Rudy and Sister Budi (Stake Public Affairs head)


So after confirming their needs, it was decided to meet in the morning at Lotte Grosir, a Sam’s Club-like store.


Packing it all in boxes
Pak Pulger (Orphanage head) on the left, the crew from Solo Stake and us.  
Unloading the van
Yaysan Lentera is down this very narrow street – too narrow to drive the van



Even some of the kids helped!
Having fun delivering!


The kids with some of the goodies!
With Salina (from Papua) and Pomo (one month old)
Pak Pulger was thrilled!

We first read about this Yayasan several months ago in the Jakarta Post.  Finally after a long review in Hong Kong, the project was finally approved and we were able to lend a hand to this worthy cause.  Kids with AIDS – tough situation.  In fact, since our last visit, 5 children have passed away.  They do have great news though – the government is refurbishing a new home for them so they will be moving December 1!  Their capacity will increase to 30, so 18 more kids will get to move in.  We are so grateful for the LDS members who donate to the Humanitarian Fund that allow us to then find partners like Yayasan Lentera Surakarta and help then with the good work they do.  We know this is the work the Savior would do if He were here.


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