Yayasan Griya Sehat Behagia

‘”Place of Health and Happiness – A Home for Elderly Women with Specific Disorders”  

While we were in Solo, we were asked if we could go by another Old Folks home – this one was for women only and one not government owned, but privately owned.  And the difference was dramatic.  There are 32 women here, most of whom cannot pay and are supported by the Dr who founded the home, his daughter (who is also a physician) and a couple other donors.

Front room of GSB
One of the residents
Another resident


Typical room

So the more we toured, the more it became obvious that they needed some very basic help.

Sister Desi and Justina worked up a list of needs on the spot…

And we were off to the store –


And delivery of the supplies….
DeeAnn carrying the mop and some brooms… 
The staff and a few of the residents.  Mostly food, a blender, mop, etc.  
They were thrilled!!

So this was very much a spur-of-the-moment project.  We went to visit, saw the need, went to the market and brought back the goods.  It wasn’t huge, but it was needed and we were able to spread the project money around a little, instead of all at one location in Solo.


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