“Old Folks Home”

We also visited a Rest Home – a potential project in Solo that we had heard needed help.  This is run by the government and quite frankly was really nice.  It was clean, organized and the 85 residents were very friendly – certainly not the place we expected or had heard about.  By their own admission, they receive adequate funds from the government to meet the needs of the residents, so I’m not sure what there is for us to do – especially when there are lots of other places that need help a lot worse than they do!

The sign over the entrance is in Javanese.  “This home is established by the government for people over the age of 60 to live and enjoy their lives until they die”   wow….ok then…nothing like being brutally honest… 


One of the residents
Gentleman doing his laundry
This is the oldest resident – she is pretty sure she’s over 100, but isn’t exactly sure because records from back then are sketchy and she stopped counting!  She does not speak Bahasa – only Javanese.
This lady is TINY!  She can’t weigh 70 lbs!

Picking fruit

So I don’t think we’ll be doing anything here, but it sure was an enjoyable visit!


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