Limbs for the Limbless – Manado

Today was our return to Manado where the prosthetic devices that were measured several weeks ago can be to the recipients.  A great day, as they’ve been waiting for weeks for their new leg or arm!

Tools of the trade
There were 32 recipients today



getting used to the new leg
Not exactly sure why he has two legs and an arm…..
Can you guess which is his new arm???
DeeAnn often plays while people are waiting

Getting used to the new leg

The Elders stopped by for a bit – Elder McWhorter (Rogers, AR) and Elder Brown (Spokane, WA)
This is the fellow that lost his hands and forearms when he grabbed a power line



We really enjoy working with Yayasan Pefuli Tuna Daksa (Limbs for the Limbless).  Said and his team work very hard and do a great job.  We are so grateful for the faithful Lartter-day Saints who donate hard-earned funds to the Humanitarian Fund, which are then passed on to us to do help the wonderful people of Indonesia!


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