Bali Volcano

It’s probably not on the news in the West (so Google it), but last week there was an earthquake off the coast of Bali.  The problem is that the ‘Ring of Fire’ is so sensitive, earthquakes lead to tsunami’s or volcanic eruptions.  Mt. Agung, the volcano that resides in Bali (there are about 130 active volcanos in Indonesia) is now about to erupt.  There have been 300 aftershocks in the last 6 hours – so eruption is not really a question of if, but when.  So far, about 75,000 people have been evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano, and hundreds of thousands (if not more) will be immediately affected when it blows.

One of our responsibilities as Humanitarian Missionaries is Emergency Response…. yikes.  That’s a scary thought – two bules who have never been in a volcano are now supposed to help.  (We’ve been through a couple tornado’s – does that count?).  There is a small Branch of the Church on Bali and we have talked to one of the members we know well.  He tells us the latest news is that the government has made adequate preparations and plenty of provisions in place for the evacuees.

A view of Mount Agung, a volcano on the highest alert level, as the sun rises from Amed on the resort island of Bali

Fears Bali volcano is about to erupt

Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency announced over the weekend that Bali’s Mount Agung volcano warning had been raised to a Level Four alert, the highest possible.

Frequent tremors from the volcano have been shaking the area around Mount Agung, and more than 48,000 residents have been evacuated from an exclusion area 7.5 miles around the volcano, according to CNN.

On Thursday, September 21, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta issued a Bali volcano eruption alert for U.S. citizens in Indonesia.

“Hiking and trekking on the mountain is strictly prohibited,” the statement read. “Hazards from an eruption could include falling ash and, potentially, lava flows. A large eruption and ash emissions could impact air travel in the region.”

Stay tuned…..


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