Odds & Ends

“Creative artists” paint themselves silver and collect money for their “creativity”.  Along this road are 3 or 4 ‘creative artists’ – all painted silver.  One did it, so everyone jumps on the silver bandwagon.  Either way, painting yourself with silver paint everyday (even if it’s in the name of “creativity”) can’t be good.
Behind the restaurant is the “toilet”…..
Just carrying stuff.
In Lembang (in the hills above Bandung) they raise rabbits for Sate Kalinci
All of the street food carts run on these little 2-gallon propane cylinders.  Bikes loaded with these patrol the streets and sell them as needed.

Taking a “Jalan Tikus” – the literal translation is ‘street rat’, but it’s slang for a ‘shortcut’, as in ‘taking the route a rat would to take when they wanted to get somewhere quickly’.

At the front door of the medical supply business, this peanut vendor set up shop and put out his wares…..
Wire art on the hotel lobby wall
cute kid
DeeAnn loves the train station in Bandung.  Always nice to sit on the shaded platform in the cool breeze


Train attendant
Lousy pic of gold, shiny, glitzy shoes
“Tomato delicious”???
Well, it’s started here in Jakarta – Christmas decorations are up…..
Shopping for stuff with Baqir, head of the Refugee School
At lunch in Bandung with President Edi (the new Bandung Branch President) and good friend Ivan Taslimson.  Ivan’s a very interesting guy – Google him!

2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. DeeAnn and Dave, I want to tell you how much I love following your posts and mission adventures. I open up your blog whenever a new post comes out, it is such a welcome relief in a busy day. I am so glad we were able to serve with and get to know you so well prior to you leaving Joplin. We are happy that we can count you as friends.

    May the Lord continue to bless and protect you,



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