Bina Anugrah Special School – Bandung

We came to Bandung to get the items requested by the Bina Anugrah Special School – a school for kids with some tough problems – downs syndrome, blind, deaf, physically handicapped, autistic, etc., etc.

The best way to get it is to just go shopping – so we did!  President Edi (he was just called as the Branch President, so he’s no longer Brother Edi!) and our friend Ivan came with us and boy was it good they did!  They really helped navigate the stores, pricing, logistics, etc. and President Edi drove which is always good.

We went to three stores – first to the toy store for educational puzzles, games, blocks, etc. (this was no ‘Toys R Us ‘ – but a ‘traditional’ store, small, cramped and disorganized!)


The shopping queen of Indonesia, doing her thing!

Then to the electronic store for the TV, etc.

At the electronic store looking for TV’s.  Notice the MANY employees waiting for customers.


A little karaoke with the crew

Then to the medical supply store for a scale, walker and braille supplies.


Then it was off for the best part – Delivery!  The school is having some work done, so we delivered the supplies to Ibu Iis’ home and she’ll keep it there until the school is done.

Ibu Iis (the school principal) on the left with her husband, all of us, and Ali, Ibu Iis’ brother.
Unloading the TV


TV, scale, games, puzzles, karaoke machine, walker.  We still have a few things to get online, specific to blind or autistic kids.

The Bina Anugrah School is too small to get any government help, so they have to rely on donations only.  They are so out of room – and trying to make a little extra space with this construction, but it’s not enough.  She told us there were 85 students who tried to get in when school started a few weeks ago, but they could only take 2 as they were full.   We’ll get back to Bandung when the construction is finished and see the new things with the students.


She was thrilled!!’

So many great partners who do such great work, helping the many people who have little.


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