Yayasan Panti Asuhan al-Mubarokah

Dr. Titi introduced us to this small orphanage near her hospital.  Unfortunately, it’s taken several months for the project to make its’ way through the system and this last week was finally approved.  We went back to confirm the list of things they need and also set up a YSA service project for Saturday, September 16.  The YSA’s will clean and paint the kitchen and LDSC will provide a few things for the kitchen and the rest of the orphanage.

Kitchen area of Al Mubarokah orphanage that we are going to fix up.  The metal frame on the right was used to slaughter goats this past Friday for Idul Adah, the Day of Sacrifice.
DeeAnn with Dr. Titi, Abal (the orphanage head), his mother-in-law and his daughter, who did NOT want her picture taken!
DeeAnn playing jump rope – the little girl he finally warmed up a little.

We went out to a “traditional market” with Dr. Titi to buy a few things the orphanage needs.  A traditional market is where Indonesians shop – not bule’s!  These stores were buried down very small streets, back rooms and up stairs!



DeeAnn with Dr. Titi at the “plate” store


Waiting for the electronic stuff to be tested.  They do that here – it is tested at the store, and if it works, there’s no bringing it back.

We got plates and utensils, fans, rice cookers, pots and pans, shoes, etc.  We will deliver them next Friday, the day before we take the YSA’s to work on the kitchen.

Ladies that worked in the store wanted our picture – no bules ever shop here!
Waiting for the Uber
Delivery Day!
VERY excited to get a new stove!
Patrick with 2 of the 6 new prayer rugs for the Musholla (prayer room)
Showing respect

This is a great project at a needed facility.  They were so appreciative of the items donated by LDSC. Tomorrow is the service project with the YSA’s to clean and paint the kitchen.


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