Patrick’s Visit

Patrick Cheuk is the Asia Area Welfare Manager and we were honored to have him visit Indonesia this week.  He was previously over Seminaries and Institutes and he had not been in Indonesia for five years and this was his first visit as Welfare Manager.  He arrived Tuesday at noon and we spent the week visiting almost all of the Jakarta-area projects:

Limbs for the Limbless


DeeAnn with Patrick and Setiaman, our driver.
Manufacturing legs and arms


Community Eye Screening 

LDSC has a project with Gadja Madah University to perform eye screenings around Central Java.  We had asked them if they would consider using the Church Building in Bogor (a suburb of Jakarta) and they agreed.  The response was terrific!  LDSC distributed 300 pairs of reading glasses and 350 pairs of prescription glasses!

The crowd had already come by 8:30 am.
As usual, I had to make a few remarks on behalf of LDS Charities.  Setiaman was the translator except when I said ‘Kami mancinta orang-orang Indonesia- we love the people of Indonesia’.
Local volunteers (Church members and others) helped the university perform screenings
Patrick and DeeAnn with Jemmy Mongan (A Bogor resident and a member who helped organize the event) and Anita, his niece who is a member of both the Bogor City Council and the Church.
Patrick with the Vice mayor of Bogor and Dr. Suharjo, head of Opthamology at Gaja Madah University


Group Foto!  The two on the right are with a local Bogor Service Organization who helped register, screen and keep the project flowing



The Learning Farm

TLF is a great program teaching disadvantaged kids organic farming, English, math and assorted life skills – getting along, working together, patience, etc.

Patrick with Emily and a few students
Volunteer teachers with the students playing a game that teaches financial life skills
The students wearing dunce caps owe money to the bank (in the game!)
This is the latest project from LDSC – fixing their kitchen, washing area.
Seedlings for the farm


The Refugee School

The “original” Refugee School is in Ciapyung, suburb of Bogor.  You have to know where it is, or have someone take you, because it is a bit tricky to find.  There is no road very close – we have to park and make our way up the hill.

Up the stairs
More stairs.  Haidir is one of the teachers.


With a few of the older students
Patrick playing English scrabble with the students (with a little coaching from DeeAnn)
Ahmed is also the school’s guitar teacher.  He has 12 students and 1 guitar – his.


The Mercy Home

Mercy  home is a school / neighborhood drop-in place for kids in Cilincing, a very rough area of Jakarta – down at the docks.  (It’s pretty consistent phenomenon – neighborhoods around the docks in cities all over the world are always the roughest.)   They have over 500 children registered and we started helping the Home with a few items to make their work go a little easier.

With the morning kindergarten class
Patrick with David and the two new sewing machines purchased by LDSC so they can teach sewing and also make bags for sale
One of the volunteer teachers with a few students
A favorite pic – Bunda Yudith (Mama Yudith) with her new refrigerator!
All Indonesian children are taught to show respect to their elders by touching the elders’ hand to their forehead or cheek.
The docks right across the street from the Home.
Yudith sharing her vision of the Home to Patrick.

Kids singing!


HELP Refugee School

HELP is the Jakarta branch of the refugee school in Cipayung.  Baqir is the 19-year-old head of the school – yes 19.  He was teaching English in another Refugee school at 16 – and is a remarkable young man.

New banner at the front door
Patrick with Baqir
Visiting the English class
Teaching the little ones the English names of animals.  SO HOT in these rooms (especially upstairs)  despite the fans donated by LDSC.  Notice the teachers soaking wet shirt….  
Descending the stairs… shoes allowed in the school and the metal steps kill my feet!
Baqir showing Patrick a textbook.  (That’s Amira looking at the camera)
Muhammed (from Ethiopia) is the volunteer science teacher


Perinasia is the Indonesian Pediatric Association and is our partner with Helping babies Breathe and Helping Mother’s Survive.  Their office is very near the Refugee School, so we just dropped in so Patrick could meet Sari, the office manager and coordinator.  We have a team coming from the US the end of October and we had a few logistical details to discuss with her.


Dr Titi / RS Lestari

LDSC has partnered with Dr. Titi and the hospital for 9 years.  We continue to do so because of the great work she does.

Patrick and Dr. Titi in the OR
Patrick buying his wife a necklace.  Dr. Titi has helped the poor mothers who are the wives of “trash pickers” to learn to make jewelry and the jewelry is then sold at the hospital so they earn a little money. 

Yayasan Panti Asuhan Al Mubarokah

Last week we went shopping with Dr. Titi to a traditional market (items are cheaper where no Bule’s shop) to buy stuff for the orphanage.  It was delivered today and received with great appreciation!  Tomorrow we are bringing the YSA’s to do a service project of cleaning and painting the kitchen – more on that in a separate post.


A few of the residents and the two ladies who run the place – and all the stuff on the right – stove, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, prayer rugs, rice cooker, and sandals. 
They couldn’t wait to put the stove together!
In the kitchen
The new stove
Patrick with the new prayer rugs in the Musholla (prayer room)
Receiving the typical greeting of a younger Indonesian

We were so honored to have Patrick here and to show him firsthand the projects we are working on right here in Jakarta.  It was a grueling, tiring week – traffic makes getting around very tough!  But we did it and now when we talk about these projects, he will have met the people and been to their establishments.  Thanks for coming Patrick!


2 thoughts on “Patrick’s Visit”

  1. What a wonderful post showing some of the projects that you are involved with. So many people with needs being helped because of the generous donations – both money and time – of the faithful LDS Saints and others. Hope you feet recovered from going up and down the stairs.


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