YSA Bowling

DeeAnn and I are the YSA (Young Single Adult) advisors in the Tangerang I Ward.  Much like we did before we left, our responsibility is to spend time with these (mostly) college-age kids and encourage them, help them, etc.  The YSA have a class on Friday evening from 6:00 – 7:30 pm (known as “Institute”) which is basically like a Sunday School class geared just to YSA’s.   Every other week, we have an activity with the YSA’s.  (It’s every other week because it’s a long way from Jakarta to Tangerang and Friday evening traffic is a nightmare, so they take pity on us and only ask to fight it every other week!

So this week, we took ten of the YSA’s bowling.  Of the ten, this was the first time six of them had ever been bowling, two had bowled once before and one had bowled ‘a few times’.  Clearly, bowling is not that popular in Indonesia!  Cost was 43,000 Rp ($3.25) for shoes and one game.

With the YSA’s
Figuring out how to add names.
Nita (second from left) bowled a 105 on her very first game!  Not bad!
Jordy and Joseph – Jordy just finished his mission (here in Indonesia) and Joseph leaves next month for the Salt Lake City Mission.
Vero and Kenya – Vero is a student, Kenya is a Dr.


Yes it’s true – I went down on the first throw – the floor was very slick (yeah – that’s it…the floor was slick – that’s the ticket….)


We really enjoy our calling with the YSA’s – as we did in Carthage.  Whether in Carthage, MO or Jakarta, Indonesia, they are great to be around!   It was a blast to take them bowling and to spend some time with them – even if it meant we didn’t get home until after 11:00 pm!


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