Limbs for the Limbless – Semarang II

Yayasan Peduli Tuna Daksa, our limbs partner, had been requested by the local Health / Social Services Department to come back to Semarang and do another limb assessment.  So we cleared the Church and opened up and 131 people showed up to be assessed!

No better use for a Church building on Thursday morning!
Young man with no hands and no feet






Jay is with YPTD and registers patients.  He was hungry so I gave him one of my favorite treats – Kismis – a cracker with a raisin filling.

131 patients is a record!  So we will be back in early October to fit the limbs to the many people that were assessed today.  Such a pleasure to work with good people like Said (Sayeed) and his team.  These guys worked hard – they were non-stop for about 7 hours, all of it bending, crouching, squatting on their haunches, etc.

‘The lame shall walk…..’


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