Banyuanyar Water Project Part I – Hygiene Training

The clean water project in Banyuanyar (near the city of Solo for those of you who want to Google it) is finally finished after two years.  The first phase of the “handover” is the hygiene training of the village, which is usually held the day before the actual handover ceremony.

The training was provided by Amber (a nutritionist) and Astrid (a midwife), the daughters of Sutarno, the drilling contractor and all members of the Solo 1st Ward.

Amber and Astrid are on the left with the pony tails.  Sutarno, the LDSC contractor is in the front with his back to us.
Astrid instructing the (mostly) ladies about hygiene and hand washing, which then turned into a discussion on birth control, headaches, pain in the knee, etc. 
Greeting the attendees
Jessica is Sutarno’s daughter-in-law and was our translator.
Group foto after the training
A few attendees leaving




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