Odds & Ends

Nicely decorated Bajai.  These things are everywhere, but, there is no meter, so you have to negotiate the price….which can be tricky since we don’t speak Bahasa and VERY few drivers speak English.   (DeeAnn is in the background!)
Street cart selling small toys, hair stuff, household things, etc.  They just walk the neighborhoods and call out what they are selling.  If someone wants something, they come out…
I’m sure they’re ‘ever delicious’ but I believe I’ll pass…
Hauling (I think) little plastic tables
August 17 is Indonesian Independence Day.  This was the hotel/apartment staff doing their Independence Day celebration
DeeAnn and our friend Ardi helping to unload a VERY expensive Harley Davidson motorcycle at the apartment complex.  The owners typically only ride them early Sunday mornings because of the traffic.
Selfie with Kalsoom Jaffari (of the Refugee School) on a bajai…
New stove for the HELP, the Jakarta refugee school.
Baquir with the new water cooler
Meeting with Baquir (center, head of HELP), Khalil (a refugee volunteer teacher from Afghanistan), Felicity (a volunteer teacher, an expat from Australia.)
Worker at the carpet store
IMG_8293 (1)
We were a little early for our meeting at the refugee school, so we found this quiet little park and and bench.  It was great.
DeeAnn enjoying a pineapple we bought from the street vendor.  While we were sitting on the bench, this Mercedes drives by, stops, and the back window comes down (because anyone who has a Mercedes also has a driver) and the guy in back says (in great English), ‘hello – it looks like you’re really enjoying your pineapple’.  Turns out he lived in Houston for many years and we had a nice conversation comparing notes about living in Houston!
Tables and tables, rows and rows of hijab pins


I love walking down these little alleyways – no telling what I will come across!
We found a new taste treat – Kebab Turki.  It’s a tortilla (of sorts) with lettuce and beef-based gyro meat, mayo and sambal (chili sauce of you want it – we didn’t), then grilled for a minute.  Enak Sekalli (Excellent!)  Of course the workers wanted a foto with the bule customers!
This is how truck drivers carry their deliveries
Corn and soybeans or sale…


Utility-cart motorcycles are also everywhere!
IMG_8339 (1)
Interesting (but unfortunately out-of-focus) of a couple neighborhood ladies
buffalo (1)
They still use water buffalo
A store on the street 
IMG_8317 (1)
Industrial-sized bags of krupuk (various flavored rice-based crackers)
Loaves of bread at Bread Talk (a local bakery chain)
working the rice field
IMG_5212 (1)
July birthdays at the last Zone Conference.  (DeeAnn is 3rd from left)
Picking up the pizza boxes with Sister Jensen at the last Zone Conference



4 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. We loved Bread Talk…wish there was one here in Provo! You are amazing at taking pictures of what is going on around you. Thanks…I can not understand how you prefer pineapple to Green Pea Cookies! ;0)


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