Odds & Ends

Carrying eggs on a bike!
lunch with the Jensen’s at Warung Coni near the office.  Our lunch (fish, rice, vegetables) was $1.25 each.

A medical procedure in Jakarta can be dicey – or good.  I’ve been having trouble with my ear and the ENT I went to took out the tube that was blocked, but he couldn’t put in a new one because she didn’t have a microscope.  So she sent me to Professor Dr. Helmi – Doctors who teach are referred to this way) – her Professor in med school.  So I asked about the anesthetic injection in the eardrum and he said ‘no I don’t do that’.  Yikes, I think, he’s going to do this without numbing the eardrum – ouch.  I told him that’s how it was done in the past, and he says ‘wasn’t that really painful’?  ‘Yes…. yes it was’.  So he says ‘I just put a cotton ball with anesthetic on it on the eardrum for about 15 minutes – no pain.’  Wow – he was right.  No problem, no pain – the tube in without a hitch.

A tube in the ear
Getting a tube
A Banyuanyar villager

GOLF!  I actually got to play a round golf for the first time in a year.  This beautiful course (Sentul Highlands) was in Bogor and we were hosted by Jemmy Mongan, a member of Bogor 1st Ward who runs golf tours all over the world.  It was very nice – course was beautiful, weather was good, super fast greens (so my putting was atrocious) and I shot about an 85.  I’ll take that for the first round in a year!   Cost was about $75 – green fees and cart, club rental and one caddy each.  (Yes, a caddy is mandatory even if you have a cart…they ride on the back.)



I still have the form – even after a year!
A Mongan family photo in Menado – Fredy Mongan is on the right.

2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. Oh wow, I had that same procedure on my left ear a few years ago. It helped to relieve the pressure I was having in my ear. Hope it helps you. Your blog is so informative and the I am enjoying the pictures that tell a story all their own. You and DeeAnn are having a once in a lifetime adventure. You are blessing the lives of many people!!!


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