Limbs for the Limbless – Manado

Today we are in Manado for a measurement project with our friends from Yayasan Peduli Tuna Daksa (Limbs for the Limbless).  LDSC purchases the raw materials that YPTD uses to manufacture prosthetic limbs and we also allow the use of any of our buildings around Indonesia to use free of charge for measurement and fitting sessions. About 35 people came to be measured for legs, arms and hands.  Unfortunately, a couple people had to be turned away.

Sahid (2nd from right) is the leader of the YPTD team.  He’s been fitting prosthetics for several years. 
J. lost his hands in an electrical accident 3 months ago. 
Diabetes strikes again.  A huge problem here in Indonesia.
The team is examining a homemade leg made from PVP pipe and foam.  Good idea but PVC is not supposed to be used in close human contact.
The stump is wrapped in clear wrap, marked  then wrapped in plaster to make a cast.
The casts are then taken to Jakarta where the limbs are manufactured.  We’ll be back in Manado in a month or so to fit the new limb to the patient.
This man was rejected because his foot needs to be amputated before an artificial leg can be successfully fit.
The foot that needs to be amputated



Very similar to a thalidomide baby.  
President Novan (Manado LDS Banch President) talking with a man who had lost both legs and and arm.
We saw a lot of ancient wooden crutches – very heavy…
Br. Mongan (far right) brought his cousin to get a leg – this is the whole family!


We will be back in Manado in about a month to fit the prosthetics to the patients.  Watching them get their new limbs is the most fun!  We love this work!


4 thoughts on “Limbs for the Limbless – Manado”

  1. It is hard to imagine what this program means to those who receive the new limbs. It is wonderful to see the donations by faithful members being used to help the Lords sons and daughters throughout the world. Thanks for sharing.


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