Family Home Evening – Bitung

About 6 months ago, we helped with a flood relief project in Bitung, about an hour from Manado.  Through the course of helping out, we got to know S., the village chief, who became interested in the Family Home Evening (Malam Keluarga) program of the Church.

Then a couple months ago we returned to Bitung to meet with S. and present the program and how it works.  He was so impressed he called all of his office staff together and we presented the FHE program to about 30 people.  He requested several manuals for the sub-village chiefs around Bitung, so we agreed to come back.

Today, we once again returned to Bitung to deliver 50 copies of the FHE Manual to S!


He told us he had been using the program in his own home so he knows it’s a good thing!

S. Nitta, Rinni and Freddy from the Manado Branch

Someday in the future, when the missionaries come to Bitung, S. will know who they are because of the Church’s FHE program.


One thought on “Family Home Evening – Bitung”

  1. We found this post especially interesting because 10 years ago when we were in Indonesia the national government asked for FHE manuals and planned to introduce the program to the nation. It is wonderful to see that there is again interest in strengthening the family!


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