Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

One of our partners is Dr. Titi, who operates a small hospital for the poor in Tangerang. She donates the use of the hospital operating room for cleft lip and palate surgeries and once a month or so, her plastic/reconstructive surgeon friends volunteer their time, skill and talent along with anesthesiologists, nurses, interns, etc. to complete the surgeries. What a great work they do!  And this surgery is LIFE CHANGING for these kids.  They can go to school, eat normally, and actually leave their homes, which many do not out of shame.  Parents are sometimes told they did something wrong, so they keep the kids out of the public eye.  Sad, but true.

IMG_0600 (1)
Cutest little boy!
The surgical team at work
Dr. Titi outside her office
Post-Op patient – this one had cleft palate surgery, so the work was inside his mouth
With the mom, dad, patient and a nurse
Waiting for surgery!


An engineering team from the University of Indonesia that makes incubators was also at the hospital today
University built incubators, which cost about 10% of what a commercial incubator does.

This was a very small project today – there were only 15 kids set up for surgery and as it turns out, only 5 had surgery.  There were several postponed because of illness (cold, etc.), a few were postponed for being malnourished (cleft palate kids have trouble getting enough nutrition) and one was sent to a larger hospital because he was going to require an ICU and RS Lestari does not have that capability.

This surgery is truly life-changing and we are so grateful to be a small part of providing it to these kids.  Dr. Titi is such a tremendous example to all of us and we are better people for knowing her.  We are beyond blessed to be able to be involved in this work. So blessed to see a few of Heavenly Father’s children getting the help they need.  So blessed to be able to spend this time in the beautiful country of Indonesia with the most kind, gentle people we have ever met.  And while doing this, our testimonies continue to grow that this work is true….


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