Wheelchairs in Jogja

In Jogja, we were able to spend a day visiting a few recent wheelchair recipients with Br. Rian, who was conducting recipient surveys for LDSC.  The idea is to follow up with recipients and see if they received sufficient training from our partner UCP/RUK, how they like the chair, how they are using the chair, etc.  We met a very unique group of individuals whose circumstances and chair experiences were very different.one thing to see people getting fit for their chair; it’s very different and eye-opening to see the people in their home environment and see how they use (or don’t use) their chair.

The back of each chair has these patches – UCP / RUK (the provider of the chair), the local provincial government (who has to be involved) and Humanitarian Services (which is LDS Charities).
Wawan, is 19 and has lupus.
This is Basuki’s first chair, but he uses it very little.  He’s been crawling and using his arms to walk since he was small.
Pak Joko is a para-Olympic competitor in archery.  He practices short=range (18 meters) next to his house.  He has to go to the archery facility to shoot 50 meters
Better than I could do!
He’s even teaching his son to shoot


Pak Noto still uses his ancient chair because it is more stable than his new one.
He is very self-sufficient by going out each day and cutting the grass for his animals.
He has modified his old chair with the third rear wheel.


Haki is 12 and has CP.  He does not really like to use his chair and instead crawls.
He does however, love to use the trike his mom made for him!
Ristianti (in the middle) uses her chair all the time.  Her husband can walk using crutches.  The lady on the right is Ibu Warni, the community social worker
Their wedding picture in the modified motorcycle for those who can’t walk

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