MCK’s in Magelang

MCK’s are the washing / toilet / bathing areas in a Pesantren (Islamic boarding school).  Most of them we have seen, for whatever reason, are a mess.  At the request of GP Ansor (a Muslim organization), we recently completed three of them in Jogja and they turned out really well.  So, they recently asked if we could do the same thing in Magelang and today, we went to check out what they need.

But what we were presented were four very different projects:


The first was a Masjid (a Mosque) that needed water.  They are hooked up to the government water source, but it is inconsistent and not sufficient.  A lady down the hill owns a spring and she has agreed to allow the Mosque access, but they need to install a pump and piping.  Then, as a second step, the Mosque will then allow the surrounding 25 homes access to the new water supply.

The Spring
Sutarno (our contractor) and the lady who owns the spring
Hendri (the Magelang head of GP Ansor) and Moko (Sutarno’s son and our translator) inspecting the spring
Looking down from the Mosque on the surrounding homes that also need water.


The second was not an MCK at all.  A small neighborhood needs a water well to service about 65 homes.

The neighborhood that needs a new well


The group discussing the project with a few of the neighbors


A very small Pesantren needs a new MCK but there is no place to put it.

(It’s been a long day!)  This the current MCK and there’s no space to add to it.  It’s fairly clean and functional now,  so it does not appear there is anything that can be done.


The small neighborhood and the community center in the middle
The Pesantren
Since all Muslim prayers, songs, speeches, etc. are in Arabic, the students have to learn it.


This one was a much larger school that needs a new water supply and for the MCK’s to be tiled so they will stay clean.  Every Pesantren needs hygiene training on how to keep these areas clean.

Yes, the students use this area to wash – there are fish in the tank to help keep it ‘clean’.  There is no toilet, so they use the back wall to pee or go down to the river to do anything else.  Boys and girls have separate areas.
So they use the river for a toilet while the villagers use the same river to wash clothes….
This is the girls washing area
Walking back to the area where they need a new well.
The Masjid (Mosque) next to the school
A very old Javanese home on the school property – used for guests.  This is not a replica building at Disneyland made to look just like a Javanese home – this is the real deal…
Bridge leading from the school to the Masjid
The water pipe that brings the water across the river to the school.  During the rainy season they have trouble keeping this pipe from washing away
Outside the male dormitory area.

This is going to be tough – the projects are so diverse and ‘all over the map’.  It will be tough to tie them all together to make a coherent presentation to the Area Office in Hong Kong.  We will have to meet internally and see what we can do.


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