Yayasan Sayap Ibu

We have been working with YSI, an orphanage in Tangerang for disabled children.  These children are basically “unadoptable” because of their severe medical problems. Over the years LDSC has helped with playground equipment, dental examination equipment, etc.  This time, they are building (or modifying) special padded chairs and LDSC is supplying the materials.

Our two friends at Sayap Ibu – Rini (l) and Tuti (r).  Very nice ladies and doing a great work!
Added padding to the chairs



The physical therapy room
Little Mya took an instant liking to DeeAnn and insisted she come with her upstairs
Heading upstairs
She wanted to show DeeAnn where she slept – so DeeAnn sat down on her bed and put some lotion on her leg…very sweet.
One of the kids 
The next project is to build some more lockers like these

We are really blessed to be able to be here and see the work a few dollars can do to ease the burdens of some of Heavenly Father’s choice Spirits.  Our testimony of the truth of the Gospel continues to grow each day as we get to see it up close with His children….

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