Clean Water – Banyuanyar

We are finally finishing up a clean water project in a village near Banyuanyar, which is near Solo.  We are here to inspect the project in advance of the closing ceremony which is to take place in August 19.  The project is 95% complete – the well is done, the pumps and tanks are installed and working, the trenches are dug, the pipes are all laid; the only thing left now is installation of meters on about 450 homes, which is to be done byt the village.  The water committee is organized and ready to assume maintenance and oversight of the project.  They will collect a monthly fee (based on the meter) and use that for payment of the electric bill, replace broken pipes, pumps, etc.

There will be a lot more pictures when we have the closing ceremony, so this will do for now…

The well site and storage tank
Elevated storage tank, now nicely painted
One of the new pipes, watering a garden
New pipes – the meters need to be connected to each house


Using the new water to do laundry

We are so lucky to be able to work as Humanitarian missionaries for the Church!



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