P-Day in Surakarta (aka Solo)

We were in Solo for a project on Friday and have to be back early Monday morning – so rather than go back to Jakarta for 48 hours, we stayed in Solo for the weekend.  We had a great P-Day and it really needs to be in four parts: (1) Candi Sukuh (a Hindu temple in the mountains), (2) Grojgogan Sewu (a riverside / waterfall park), (3) the Solo Batik Carnival and (4) new foods we tried.  All in one day!

Candi Sukuh

Hindu temple built in around 1400.
They require visitors to wear a sarong…




Of course, no guard rails or protection on the top of the temple – you’re on your own!  But that’s VERY typical of touristy stuff here – if you fall, there’s no one to sue, so don’t fall….

Grojogan Sewu

This is advertised as a ‘waterfall’, but is more of a cascading river – beautiful nonetheless…Our visit was unique in that we rode horses down to the river – a lot of fun and certainly something a little different!


Two rafters right in the middle of the pic



We sere sitting on the bench and the little girl in the middle was trying to sneak a picture of us – so I just waved her over and the whole family came and wanted their picture taken with us!
Beautiful trail next to the river

Solo Batik Carnival 

As we arrived back at the hotel, there were signs everywhere about the Solo Batik Festival.  As it turns out, it was a parade down the street right next to the hotel – we had to walk about 50 yards and there it was – and it started just a few minutes later!  Each Batik design was representative of different communities around Solo.



Spectacular costumes, each one more elaborate than the last one.





New Food

In our always-quest to ne willing to try new food, today we had lunch at Gunung Mas and had Sate Landak (porcupine) and Sate Kalong (large bat).  We could have also had Sate Kalawar (small bat), but Choki said it wasn’t very good, so we passed.

Sate Landak and Sate Kalong – they look the same;  they do not taste the same
DeeAnn giving it a try – but she doesn’t look very excited….
Sate Kalong was not on the menu!  Landak was $2.25.  (Rumah Makan means ‘eating house’ or restaurant)
  The view from the restaurant

OK – the verdict: Sate Landak was OUTSTANDING – tender, flavorful, lean.  I would have it again in a second.  Sate Kalong was mediocre, at best.  It was tough, too chewy and had a little bit of a bitter taste, even with kecap manis (a sweet soy sauce).  So, no more Kalong for me.   The total lunch tab was $11.25 – landak, kalong, kalong rica rica (a spicy version of the bat for Choki, our driver), mie goreng (fried noodles), rice and drink.

It was a GREAT P-day.  Indonesia is spectacularly beautiful – the pictures just do not it justice.  We love it here and are having a great experience!




One thought on “P-Day in Surakarta (aka Solo)”

  1. Wow, you lucked out to see that parade, what colors and costumes!! The drive through zoo was amazing!! Enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. We saw a show similar to the motorcycles in the cage ball in Reno. Your food tasting is very daring, don’t know if I could do that!!


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