Mercy Home

A long story, but through a friend of a friend of a friend, we met Yudith, a super lady who runs Mercy Home, a neighborhood home that serves as a place of refuge for 400 kids in a very poor, rough part of Jakarta.  It’s in North Jakarta at the harbor, and like most every port city of the world, the docks are typically the roughest.  That is certainly the case here.  The kids that come to Mercy, have parents, but very little direction in their lives.  The dads are mostly absent and some of their moms work at night (if you know what I mean).  The kids live in their own “home” in the neighborhood, and they go to school, but have no support from home.  They basically live on the street, so Mercy is a real refuge for them.

Yudith and a handful of volunteers teach the kids English, reading and ‘life skills’; more importantly, they give them a place to go and a hug from someone who cares.


Yudith and David who run the Home


This week was still a school holiday here in Indonesia , so there were officially no classes at the home, but there were a few kids here today.  Normally, they have a few younger kids in the early morning, then after school from about 2 until 10, they get swamped with the older kids!

David and one of the boys
Lots of signs in English and lots of Bible verses.  Yudith is a Christian
Playing a game
Yudith describing  the neighborhood.
Across the street from the school was this home on the docks where one of the girls lives.
Looking off the dock of where the home is – this a few feet from the front door


The front door of Putri’s house on the dock.
Inside the house – the one mattress fills up 90% of the floor
Upstairs hallway of Mercy
The office / classroom 1
The garage / classroom 2
Hugs all around when we were leaving.  They love Yudith and call her  “Bunda” (mom)
Showing respect when they shake DeeAnn’s hand
Group foto!

The Mercy Home is needing a lot of help, so we have asked Yudith to prioritize her needs.  A few people actually live there (Yudith included) so they cook and feed about 10-12 people a day, so they need a refrigerator, etc.  So we’ll gather some more information and fill out a request for funds to help them.  What a great work Yudith and her team are doing!


One thought on “Mercy Home”

  1. What an angel Yudith is to those children. A great cause for sure. Hope she gets more help. So many needs there to fill, your doing a great work!!


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