Batik / Textile Museum

For our P-day today we went to the Textile Museum in Jakarta with the Jensen’s.  Since Batik is very prominent in Indonesia, most of the museum was dedicated to that.

The first building was a display of Batik fabric.  Each province and island of Indonesia has a Batik design unique to that area.
Me trying to set up the timer – such an idiot….
By a statue of a Batawi (Jakarta) character
There was also a Batik-making display, so Sister Jensen and DeeAnn tried their hand at it.  The pattern is drawn onto the cloth,  
then a thin line of wax is applied to the lines of the design.

The cloth is then dyed, but no dye can get to the fabric where the wax was.  The cloth is then boiled and the wax goes away, and what is left is dyed fabric with the unique design.

Finished Batik
There are typically lots of people here, but again, we were the only ones!   


Ibu Retno – the Batik instructor.  She lived Canada for 10 years, so her English was pretty good.  She introduced herself as ‘Old lady with no teeth’!   
Old Lady With No Teeth
Getting the lines right is a little tricky
DeeAnn’s Batik



One thought on “Batik / Textile Museum”

  1. Now that is something we did not do! We toured a batik factory and saw the vats of dye, but never actually got to make a personal piece…way to go sister Buell!


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