Angklung and VIDEO’s!

I’ve now added video capability to my blog!  (See below)

We’ve posted before on the Angklung School in Bandung.  Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo.  The school is dedicated to preserving traditional music and dance, but also to show that the angklung can be used for all music.

We brought the Kusumarmanto’s for their first visit since we thought it would be a great place to bring the BYU Singers (if they come).  While we were waiting, one of the ticket people came out and started talking to us.  Turns out Cathy (her brother’s name is Jerry!) was the emcee for 15 years and speaks excellent English.  We had an extra hour to wait, so she gave us a behind-the-scenes tour and it was great!  She also agrees it would be great to collaborate between the school and the BYU Singers to do something if they come.

Cathy, our personal Angklung tour guide!
A new design of an Angklung, like a piano.
Br. K during the tour of the Angklung factory
On the back lot of the school with Cathy
Angklung ready for shipment


Br. K bought one of these!  This is Cathy’s 9-year old daughter.
Watching the artisans making and tuning the Anklung
The last part of the show has the kids come out and grab audience members to dance.  This was our group!
The best part of the show is when they hand out individual notes and the audience gets to play.  Great fun!

In the little gift shop, there was a guitar set up, so I picked it up and one of the owners of the school (who developed the piano-like Angklung) started playing along with the blues riff I was playing.

Such fun!



4 thoughts on “Angklung and VIDEO’s!”

  1. It is good to brother and sister K…I wonder if he bought the instrument for himself or as a gift for his very talented son Ninoy?


  2. Woooowwww….. me,me, it’s me… yaaayyy many thanks for all the complement,it’s my pleaseure to have you here the western who introduced Indonesian culture to Indonesian people… woops so sorry Br.K, but thanks alot for your interest of our culture,it makes us more and more proud for being a Sundanese., hope for all the best for your stay and mission here in Indonesia, looking forward to see you soon with the choir groups.. keep in touch sir.


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