Odds & Ends


VERY unusual to see dogs being walked here – for two reasons: (1) Jakarta is not very walker-friendly (the area around the office is sort of an exception, barely) and (2) dogs are considered haram (unclean) by Muslims.  Since 85+% of Indonesia is Muslim, dogs are not very popular.


An acapella quartet singing in Pacific Place Mall


Bags of ice


A lobby decoration celebrating Ramadan


Not very appetizing-sounding cookies ($4)


Very cool looking building front covered in wood blocks


This guy was running down the middle of the street pushing a portable air pump, cars buzzing around him… 


An Angkot driving by with a guy hanging out of it playing his guitar.   I know what it looks like but he’s not – he’s just holding the pick in in his right hand and trying to wave at the same time….


A really beat up Angkot


I was telling Ivan about how the young kids love to have their photo taken with us, and he said ‘really’?  So I said, ‘watch’…and walked over to a group and said ‘ok foto, foto’ and sure enough….they did not fail to prove me right!  So fun….


The smallest bike in Bandung


A stand of black bamboo


A street vendor

4 responses to “Odds & Ends”

  1. Bill and Mary Pier says :

    Probably another reason there are not many dogs around is that non-muslims have them for dinner. The photo of the load of ice made me wonder if it was a new air conditioning system. BTW how are your ribs doing?


  2. Cathy Mayangsari says :

    yayy… i’m really in it… many thank’s for your many times visit here sir and maam… hope you’ll enjoy for many times visiting our place here..


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