LDS Charities in Bandung

We are in Bandung for a few days to follow up some earlier projects and visit some new ones.  First stop was the Autism Care Center, a small special school for autistic kids, most of whom are from poor families, so the parents can’t pay.  It was late in the day when we were here, so there were no kids, but it was the most incredible peaceful feeling there.  Of course, during the morning when the kids are there, it’s not so quiet, but this afternoon there really was a great spirit about this place.

Dadung and his wife, Ibu Fifi, the Director of the Foundation that runs the Autism Care Center.   Super nice people….

We finally got a list of needs from the school, so we will now go back to Jakarta and submit a request.  LDSC helped here before several years ago, with a padded indoor play area and desks and chairs, but this is the first time for a few years.

Next stop was the Bina Anugrah Special School.  LDSC also has helped here before (a water well in 2016 and playground and activity equipment in 2014.  The first time we were here, they told us they needed a new toilet area.  Then they decided what they really needed were some basic school supplies for specific needs (puzzles for down syndrome kids, materials for blind students, etc.), so they sent that list.  Then today, as we were there to sign our agreement, the list changed again and got even more basic – things the whole school can use, such as a TV and DVD player, an amplifier so they can make announcements, etc.

Going over the list of needs.  Br. Edi on the left, Ivan, a friend and translator, and Ibu Iis, the school administrator.
Signing the agreement
With a few of the students at Bina Anugrah
Children are taught when they shake hands with an adult, they bring the adults hand to their cheek or forehead as a show of respect.  Even this little girl with Down’s Syndrome is doing it with DeeAnn
A little cutie

The next stop was the School of Midwifery at Padjajaran University in Bandung. We met these folks last year at a Helping Babies Breathe training session with Perinasia.  The head of the school, Dr. Tina, speaks excellent English and is really down to earth and fun.  We really enjoy visiting with her.  Today we were here to deliver her the schools’ very own training mannequins and supplies.  They were thrilled and so appreciative!

Dr Tina and us and the supplies
Pretty soon, a number of teachers were there, so they wanted a photo with the training mannequins

Saturday morning, we met with Relmi of the Bandung Chorale Society.  The BYU Singers are trying to put together a visit to Indonesia next May and there’s a lot of work that goes into such a trip – 40 singers, leaders, hotels, venues, transportation, etc. etc.  Indonesia is such a big country, and the visit is a few days – so they will only get to go to three cities at most.  So where do they go to get the best bank for the buck – Jakarta, Bali, Manado, Jogja, Solo, Bandung, etc.?  What Universities to visit?  So many questions to answer.  The BCS wants to be involved and will do whatever they can and since we were here in Bandung, we met with them to have an introductory meeting.  The Public Affairs group will play a key rold in the trp and Br. Agus Kusumamarto (Director of Public Affairs for Indonesia) and his wife made the drive from Jakarta to attend the meeting.

Relmi, Br and Sister K, and us. 




One thought on “LDS Charities in Bandung”

  1. We were glad to see that the Kusumamartos are keeping busy…when we were there Agus was in charge of employment for the country.


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