He’s here!!

Everett Lincoln James Kelley, 5 lbs, 14 oz, 18.5 inches

Right after we came to Indonesia, Holly told us she was expecting number 4 – so we got to watch her pregnancy and now birth, from afar.  This is the first time DeeAnn has not been there for the birth of Holly’s children and yes, it’s killing her.  This little guy threatened to come about 2-3 weeks ago and that would not have been good.  But when he did decide to come, he did not wait, as he was delivered a few minutes after Holly and Jason got to the hospital.   No time for any anesthesia or anything – so she did it all natural!    Happy to report that Holly and Everett are doing fine – Jason is recovering….He passed out when Holly was delivering!  A bit unusual because he’s been there for all of them, but this time, without any painkiller help, Holly was a bit, ummm….vocal and she was squeezing his hand so hard, he just lost it and down he went.  The emergency response team came in and asked if Holly was ok – the nurses said, “oh she’s fine, it’s him” pointing to a passed-out Jason!  But it’s all good now!


The girls think their little brother is pretty cool – I suspect they will not think that when he is about 7, but for now, all is well!

Pookie (Gena) with her brother
Precious (Bella) holding her brother
Punk (Tessa) holding her brother, sort of….

More pics of the family:

Tessa (aka Punkin’ Pie) at Walmart


Sarina (aka ‘Rini’) just turned 12.  She’s outstanding in her field…..
Rini and her dad, our son, Kevin

2 thoughts on “Family”

  1. Congratulation for the addition of a grandson! We love the nicknames you have for your granddaughters and especially the one who is outstanding in her field! We were wondering if choosing the names are a family affair or if Dave is the giver of names.


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