Taman Mini

Thursday was a national holiday here (Pancasila Day), so the Dr’s were off and the school was closed.  So with the free morning, we took Dr. H and his son Will to Taman Mini, the cultural park with pavilions of 34 different Indonesian Provinces.  We were a little worried that being a holiday it would be crowded.  Not sure if it was because it was Ramadan plus the holiday or what, but we practically had the park all to ourselves!  (Ramadan is when Muslims fast from sunup to sundown.)  At one point, we were in the museum near the entrance and we were the ONLY ones in the whole place.

Typical architecture from Sumatra.  Notice, no people
Took a spin around the pond in a peddle boat
Yes, they have an insect museum!
At the gateway to Bali
They even had a tram over the park.  We thought we’d ride it to the other end, then walk back.  But no, when we got to the other end, they wouldn’t let us out so we had to ride it back.  A little odd, but oh well….
Intricate carving in the museum
Cool hat….part of the museum displayed the different clothing from all over the country
Climbing to the top of a stilt house from Kalimantan (Borneo)
This character came up and wanted us to take pictures – so we did, and when we were done, he held out his paw(?) and wanted money!  Just what I wanted – a pic with a rabbit that cost me money!


Will and Dr. H got to join in the fun…


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