Sunrise at Borobudur Temple

Experiencing sunrise at Borobudur Temple is one of those things may people have on their ‘bucket list’ of things to do.

Dr. Hainsworth wanted to go, so DeeAnn and I tagged along,  This however, involved getting up at 2:15 am, driving the hour plus, hiking to the top, then waiting the half hour plus for the sunrise at 5:45 am.  And after doing all that, it was so cloudy, there was no sunrise to be seen!  But it was still fun and it was still worth it.

The clouds thickened up as sunrise approached…
With Dr. H and his son Will




A great group – Will, Dr’s Tatu, Nike, Andrew and us
You’re supposed to walk around the top of the temple clockwise, then touch the wall for good luck….
 Who knew they had McDonald’s 1,200 years ago!  But, here’s proof….
The group
Dr. H saw a teaching moment and actually asked the residents what eye disease this gargoyle has – and they knew!  Once a teacher, always a teacher!


A great group!

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