Mission Conference

Elder Soares and Elder Wong, both General Authorities, came to the mission and held an all-mission Conference.  This is very unusual, as it requires missionaries to fly in from all over the country – keep in mind Indonesia is wider than the US.  So it’s basically the equivalent of a meeting in Chicago for 90 people living all over the US.  It’s expensive and logistically difficult because after they are here, they have to have a place to stay (and hotels are too expensive for all of them), so they had to bunk with the Jakarta area missionaries.

But it was a great conference and we really enjoyed listening to a General Authority talk about the Gospel, setting goals and being committed.


Gathering in the hall way at Church


A lot of the Sister companionships like to wear matching batik dresses



DeeAnn visiting with Sister Wintaro


The sisters are great!

One response to “Mission Conference”

  1. MaryandBill Pier says :

    Conferences like this is probably the only time all the missionaries are together in one place and they love to get to meet and catch up on what their companions – MTC and mission – have been doing since they have seen them last. Thanks for sharing.


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