Mission Conference

Elder Soares and Elder Wong, both General Authorities, came to the mission and held an all-mission Conference.  This is very unusual, as it requires missionaries to fly in from all over the country – keep in mind Indonesia is wider than the US.  So it’s basically the equivalent of a meeting in Chicago for 90 people living all over the US.  It’s expensive and logistically difficult because after they are here, they have to have a place to stay (and hotels are too expensive for all of them), so they had to bunk with the Jakarta area missionaries.

But it was a great conference and we really enjoyed listening to a General Authority talk about the Gospel, setting goals and being committed.

Gathering in the hall way at Church
A lot of the Sister companionships like to wear matching batik dresses


DeeAnn visiting with Sister Wintaro
The sisters are great!

One thought on “Mission Conference”

  1. Conferences like this is probably the only time all the missionaries are together in one place and they love to get to meet and catch up on what their companions – MTC and mission – have been doing since they have seen them last. Thanks for sharing.


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