Pos Ronda – Karanganyar

A few months ago the Stake President approached LDS Charities with a request to help with a Pos Ronda (neighborhood security facility) in Karanganyar – a short distance from Solo.  These are used basically as “neighborhood watch” stations.   Almost all of the cities, towns, and villages in Indonesia are divided into neighborhoods called RT’s and there are usually 20 – 30 families in each RT.  Each RT has an elected  leader, also known as the RT.  There are then several RT’s in an RW and the RW leader is known (you guessed it) as the RW.  The families guard their own neighborhood and the RT assigns 3-4 family heads each night to patrol the RT each evening from about 11 pm – 2 am.  Each family has this assignment about once a month.  The Pos Ronda is used as the gathering station, meeting area, information exchange, community gossip center, staging area for anything and everything.

The old Pos Ronda in Br. Rudi’s neighborhood had nearly collapsed – it was bamboo, wood and was pretty much rotted out.  So they had asked if LDSC could help with cost of building a new one.  This was a new request for LDSC (we’ve done a lot of things, but Pos Ronda’s are not typical) so for a very modest sum of money, we agreed to help.  The whole neighborhood come together to tear down the old one and materials were purchased for the new one and in a few weeks, there it was.  We went to check it out and close out the project.

Rudi in front of the new Pos Ronda.  This thing is industrial strength, heavy duty, welded steel.  It will last a LONG time
With the RT and his wife.
This hollowed-out dry gourd (it’s in the upper right corner of the above picture) is really loud when hit with a stick and is used to summon the members of the RT to the Pos Ronda if there is an announcement – a birth, a death, neighborhood news, etc.
The RT actually lives right across the street from the Pos Ronda.  Above his door is the RT/RW info.
It’s built right on the edge of a rice field.

A nice project and a real benefit to the community.


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