Panti Asuhan Pelayanan Kasih

After a couple of flight delays, we finally made our way to Surabaya and went to visit PAPK (Orphanage and Ministry of Love).  This is an orphanage LDSC worked with several years ago, donating beds, mattresses, pots and pans, etc.  We went to see if they remembered LDSC (they didn’t) and to see if they were in need of anything (they are.)

The Orphanage has 42 children ranging in age from babies to 25.  The school-age kids attend regular school in the day and stay in the orphanage at night.

Kids doing crafts
Couple boys playing the guitar, which belongs to everyone.  The boy on the right was actually pretty good!
Doing the laundry.  They said their washing machine was broken, but they didn’t want it fixed because it makes the kids lazy – and they would just fight over who gets to use it next.  Washing their clothes in a bucket makes it easier on everyone.
They need a cover over this area where they try to dry their clothes.  Tough to do when it rains – and it rains here….
The boys rooms need mattresses because they don’t have enough for them to sleep longways – so they sleep sideways like this guy.  There is no air conditioning, so their other needs are fans like the one at the top of the pic.
We had no idea when we came, but this happens to be a Christian orphanage.  There aren’t many…
A caretaker with one of the babies
They also need a door for the girl’s bathroom.
Five girls sleep here – they need more of the blue foam mattresses.


The Orphanage also has a house across the street where there are 105 older, mentally or physically challenged adults.

Ibu Anna is 95 and has lived here for 35 years.  She used to be the cook.

The orphanage management is going to meet and give it some more thought, and come up with the a list of needs, which we will then use in our request to Hong Kong.


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