Lamongan Water Project

LDSC began a water project in four villages of Lamongan, near Surabaya, in 2014.  It consisted of drilling several wells, gathering water from a pond and distributing water to almost 4,000 people.  At each project, the idea is set up a local water committee whose job it is to monitor the equipment, collect a fee for water usage, use the excess funds to repair the system, etc.

The project overall is good, but as with many, there is the good and the ‘could-be-better’,

This well draws good quality water (its about 30 meters deep), just not enough, so the water committee has to ration the distribution to the homes.  Not a great situation – better than what they had, but not great.  What they need is another well and pump.
This pump draws water from the spring-fed pond and it works fine, filling the tank below and then going to various homes.


This well and pump work great and there are no problems.  The water is also pumped about 400 meters to another tank that supplies a Muslin school.   The tarps on the ground have rice drying in the sun
This is the tank at the Muslim school.  That’s a papaya tree in front of the tank.
Boys at the school – they love to have their picture taken!
This one is struggling – the water committee is not doing as good a job and the system is not working as well.  There really isn’t anything we can ‘do’ about it; our purpose is just to follow up and encourage.

This project needs to be officially closed and we’ll move on to the next one.  Few projects are perfect and people are people no matter where they live and we just try and do our best.  Where the project is working well, as we walked the neighborhood and asked the people if  ‘the water was working well’, they would just smile, give us the thumbs up and say ‘bagus’ (good).

Walking between wells
Rice drying everywhere.  The cars and bikes just drive right over it.
Checking water wells.  Yes, DeeAnn got a “few” mosquito bites….me – none.
This lady is muscling this BIG bag of rice.  Also notice – it’s hot,  and she’s wearing a sweater….

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