Odds & Ends

Interesting day – after we finished our visits, I went across the street from the hotel to the store.  I came across a becak loaded with goats – and I think, ‘well, that’s interesting.  But, I guess goats would rather ride than walk, too’.  Or, maybe this guy is taking his pet goats for a ride….


Then it dawns on me – this is in front of a Sate Kambing (grilled goat) warong….and these goats are destined to be someone’s very soon-to-be dinner….so I watch for a minute and sure enough:




I will spare you the goriest of details but yes, indeed, the goats are meeting their demise right there on the floor of the “restaurant” – you can see the tables, etc., a few feet away, and the hole in the floor to drain most of the uh….well…you know… Wow….I’ve seen a lot and even I didn’t expect to see this…..

Most becak drivers spend their day sleeping in their becak.  This guy woke up just as I was taking his pic….
Other becak drivers spend their day playing chess…..when they’re not sleeping
Little street cart
Sitting on the curb, selling a few vegetables
Same thing – sitting on the curb selling a few vegetables.
It’s a jewelry store, so I guess I get it….
Taking a little snooze…
Our driver and translator Rudi – he’ also the stake clerk.  He has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.  He’s having Es Tener – crushed ice with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate sprinkles, avocado and jelly.  It’s um…ok….just
Central Java is thick with batik stores…..
I’m quite sure this store is selling legally authorized, fully and adequately licensed Dior products…..or not.
I have no idea why these shoes would be shrink-wrapped….but they are.
This towel elephant greeted us at the hotel.
Drying rice 
 Kacang (ka-chong – peanuts) bike vendor  
This is a first.  Someone actually checked this little plastic bag 

2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. OK – you are seeing things we never imagined while we were there. Thanks for sharing. Say hello to Rudi for us…he was in one of our intensive English classes. It seems everyone in Indonesia wants to get degrees in computer sciences and then can not find a job…if they would learn to weld – it takes 3 months in a state run school – they would get a job before they finished. I guess it is like becoming a doctor in the Philippines and ending up driving a taxi!


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