Stake Conference

Today was Surakarta (aka Solo) Stake Conference.  We were traveling through the area, so we were able to attend.  Elder Randy Funk, Asia Area President, was here, so that was nice.  We are staying at the Novotel, where the conference is being held (since the Stake Center is not large enough) and we were headed to breakfast at 7:30 this morning and Elder Funk happened to get on the elevator at the same time.  So, we had breakfast with the Funk’s and the Rowley’s.  Not everyday you have breakfast with a General Authority!


The theme of the conference was basically ‘read the Book of Mormon.  It is true and will make a difference in your lives’.  This is the same message that President Monson had at April Conference – ‘read the Book of Mormon every day’.  Since I know that to be true, DeeAnn and I will make sure we do that…..

Elder Funk (on the right) brought up the Stake Patriarch, Br. Zamat.  Elder Funk baptized Br. Zamat 45 years ago when he was a young missionary here and Br. Zamat was a minister of another church!  He read the Book of Mormon and knew it was true.
Surakarta Stake is huge.
Great Sister missionaries
DeeAnn talking with Sister Rowley and Sister Funk

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