Odds & Ends

Have to start off with some more crazy food – this week we had biawak (crocodile)!  We both have had alligator (the US has alligators, Asia has crocodiles) before – it’s not that big a deal – but in the US, only the gator tail meat is served, so it’s basically boneless gator chunks.  Pretty innocent and tame.  Here, the whole croc is chopped up, fried and served.  So we had fried pieces and parts, lots of bones and yes, it tastes JUST like chicken.


DeeAnn looks SO excited….actually, good sport that she is, she ate it and said it was pretty good.  Actually it was…..
Here’s where we bought it – ‘snake and crocodile’.  51,000 Rp for 3 ($4.00)
Someone’s dinner yesterday.  He offered to give me this cobra skin, but I passed….
I had just finished climbing all the way to the top and was on my way down when luckily this pic was taken….exhausting…thank goodness for the notches in the side of the tree to help my climbing
I think this was a seminar, but you can always tell when they have non-English speakers write their signs
Bike carrying a lot of stuff
This seat has seen better days…..
Bebek Goreng (fried duck) for lunch
Looked a little odd, but it was actually pretty good….lunch for 4 was $8.00
Just your basic random villager, hanging out on the corner wall.  Bare feet – toughest on the planet
Carrying animal feed on a motorcycle
Masakan Padang  dishes on display
Masakan Padang – they serve many dishes and you take what you want and are charged accordingly.  Indonesian fast food because as soon as you sit down, the dishes start coming.
Sutarno eating Masakan Padang with no utensils – very traditional Javanese way of eating.  His right hand (and ONLY the right hand) is a mess while he’s eating – then he just washes it off and he’s good to go…


Walking her bike up a hill….
Indonesian bed
Coconut sugar – the coconut milk is boiled until it turns brown and crystallizes.  They break it up and eat it like candy….it’s like eating a brown sugar cube
This guy is cutting orange leaves to sell as a spice.  (bare feet) 
Boarding school kids leave their toothbrushes, soap, etc. in a little bucket on the ground outside the MCK.  Can be scary when the MCK is filthy,


Working his rice field



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