We have a project building  MCK’s (mandi, cuci, kakus) – basically a toilet/washing station for Muslim “Boarding” Schools.  Very few are actually boarding schools in the literal sense – most of them are just after-school programs where Muslim kids go after regular to learn school and have lessons in the Quran, do arts and crafts, learn traditional songs and dances, etc.  For whatever reason, the sanitation at these school is typically atrocious and the toilets (if they even exist) are usually in bad shape.  It’s probably because of a combination of poor hygiene habits, poor maintenance, poor upkeep, etc.  But they need an area to wash themselves before prayers, so we are happy to help.

So we had been asked to work on three of these at local schools – they are all done, so we needed to inspect them before the handover ceremony tomorrow.

MCK #1 – Before
MCK #1 – After
MCK #2 – Before
MCK #2 – After
MCK #3 – After.  There is no Before pic, but this after pic already shows wear and tear after 3 months….
We’re talking with the school heads encouraging them to do a better job of cleaning….they have plenty of students to do the work…
So the hand-off ceremony was today – there were about 70 people there with the traditional rice cone.
The tip of the rice cone was given to me as the honored guest, as it was during the signing ceremony.  DeeAnn was just as deserving, but there’s a cultural thing working….


With the head of the school
We also had to take a drink out of the coconut
A couple of the youngest attendees
The local ladies
The emcees
DeeAnn gave a short speech and talked about how no matter who we are or what our religion is, we all love our families and want the best for them.
The school is back in the trees – it’s way out in the boonies….


One of the older guests

It was a great day and so satisfying to be involved in this work!  In my speech, I talked about our friend Subandriyo who wanted to be here but was still recovering from his kidney donation surgery and how the recipients family had asked ‘why would a Christian give a kidney to a Muslim’?  We are asked the same question – ‘why would Christians give MCK’s to a Muslim school’?  The answer is the same for both – because it’s the right thing to do, because we are all God’s children and He loves all of us equally and because a great Prophet once taught that if you do charity for your friends, neighbors and even strangers (“I was an hungered and ye gave me meat…”) it is the same as doing it to God.  I know this to be true!

We are so grateful to be able to be here and to be involved with this work with the Indonesian people.  So kind and so grateful themselves for whatever is done for them!


2 thoughts on “MCK’s”

  1. Great pics… on the cultural thing, we visited a public school in Redlands to observe their gifted program. High middle eastern population at school. The principal said the policy was the kids helped custodians keep school clean. Said several fathers came and told him their daughters could clean, but not their sons.


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