Busy day – in fact it is going to be a busy week.  We left Jakarta this morning for a week long trip that started in Jogja:

GMU – our first stop was the Ophthalmology Department at Gadja Mahda University, our long-time partner in Vision Care.  Over the years, LDSC has donated equipment, books, and hands-on training directly to GMU and thousands and thousands of pairs of prescription eyeglasses for poor children in Central Java through GMU.  So this meeting was to discuss the 2017 project, which includes a portable teaching microscope and a continuation of the eyeglass program.  GMU sets up a portable screening facility every weekend in small villages around Central Java and issue prescriptions for eyeglasses and LDSC purchases the glasses.  A great partner and a great work.

RUK – our second stop was to RUK, our wheelchair partner in Indonesia.  This is an ongoing project and we stopped to visit Ghatot (the head of RUK) to thank him for their good work and to encourage their continued efforts.  They are trying to improve their follow-up  program, so they have already prepared a list of the recipients of the last distribution from a few weeks ago.  This typically has taken months, so this is a very positive step.  We will be able to have Br. Rian conduct the followup interviews, so the fact that we have the names already is great news.

PANF – Panti Asuhan Nur Fadillah is is an all-girl Islamic orphanage run by Dr. Titi’s sister-in-law, so we stopped to visit and see what they have going on and to see if there is something LDS Charities could do.  What great people and what delightful young ladies!


Dr. Titi’s sister-in-law is next to DeeAnn.  Dr. Titi tells us she is an outstanding chef of traditional Javanese food.  The two boys are the sons of the manager
With pak Ekvan in the orphanage garden.  He’s the manager and the son of the founder.  He spoke really good English which always helped!
The girls performed a traditional Arabic Muslim song.  So delightful, so pleasant.  All smiles and a few were brave enough to introduce themselves in English!


The girls dorm – neat as a pin


In their garden – they grow as much of their own food as they can.
The girls’ bikes
The orphanage musholla – the prayer room
DeeAnn – always the clown

In addition to their garden, they mentioned they also want to build a lele (catfish) pond to raise their own fish to eat.  I think we may pursue that and see if that’s something we can help with.

Another big day tomorrow….



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