Yayasan Panti Asuhan (Orphanage) / School

Several weeks ago, we had asked Dr. Titi for a recommendation of either orphanages or a special school for children that was in need that we could visit and perhaps help.  She, of course knowing everyone in town, was happy to oblige!

We were not able to secure a driver for the day, so Dr. Titi offered up her car and driver:

It was her ambulance!
In the back of ambulance


There were no kids at the orphanage when we were there because they were all in school.  Our goal today was simply to assess their need and see if we could help. 
A short tour of the facility – the boys rooms are downstairs, the girls are upstairs
Dr Titi (right) with Ibu Fathi and her mother-in-law
DeeAnn wanted a picture of their pet iguana
Trying to find out what they need 
Boy’s dorm rooms
As of now, this appears to be the need – this is the kitchen, but there is no stove, no fridge, no appliances.  So we’ll confirm if that is the case and go forward.      

The building appears to have extensive termite damage and needs a new roof – but unfortunately, that is way beyond the scope of what we can do.  Our help will no doubt be limited to the kitchen and with that, the local ward youth will probably be called on to help paint, clean, etc.

Muslim School

Special Muslim School “Nurturing and Caring for the Poor and Ddisadvantaged”

This school is a branch of a larger school in Jakarta and appears to be well-funded, well organized and we really didn’t see an obvious need or  we how we could help.  It was however, a wonderful couple hours with the kids as they participated in an after-school craft activity.  DeeAnn led them in a rousing rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in English and they loved it!  Then they did it in Indonesian – so fun…





Very well behaved kids!
DeeAnn got some help making her craft flower
Mine was pathetic….
Kids everywhere bug on each other
What a cutie!
Elsa & Anna burkha
During the class, a ‘Monkey Circus” came by – the monkey did a flew flips and then passed the cup around.   I had a few coins in pocket and dropped them in and the guys were highly insulted!  They demanded 2,000 Rp. ($.15)  and I pointed out that I gave them over 3,000 Rp in coins – so they were ok.   

So the school was a lot of fun, but we don’t see where LDSC can do much for them.  There are plenty of other orphanages, special schools, hospitals, clinics, etc., that need help!


2 thoughts on “Yayasan Panti Asuhan (Orphanage) / School”

  1. I’m sure that your love of kids motivates you to seek out where the need is! Keep up your great work! Love you!❤️


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