Tangerang 1st Ward

We’ve been assigned to attend the Tangerang 1st Ward – which is in a suburb of Jakarta.  Luckily, on Sunday morning, the traffic is at a minimum, so the Uber ride only takes about 30 minutes from our apartment.  Not so much in the afternoon when we head home!  It’s a great ward and we really enjoy being there – good people and a great Spirit. We have to have a missionary or someone translate, but there are quite a few members who speak English, so that hasn’t been a problem.

Today was Pres. Nugroho’s birthday (1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency), so luckily after Church, there was food for everyone!

, Indonesians LOVE to eat – there’s always food!

The last few weeks, we’ve been practicing with the choir who has been asked to sign in Stake Conference in May.  So Church goes from 8:00 am – 11;00 am, then choir practice starts at 1:30 pm (we have to wait for Tangerang 2nd Ward to finish their meetings so they can join us) then practice goes to about 3:30 pm.

Trying to get the alto part down
After Church, most people climb on their motorcycles – dress and all.


We then need to meet up with the Uber driver, which can sometimes be tricky since they rarely speak English.  Here we found him down the street in the white car

The ride home is not as ‘traffic free’ since it’s in the afternoon, so it takes about an hour. The Uber rides run between 80,000 Rp. ($6.00) – 11,000 Rp ($8.00) depending on the time of day.

Always see something interesting on our ride


Remember the ‘k’ is a hard sound and there is no ‘x’, so this is how you spell ‘Executive’ in Bahasa Indonesian
Driving home….

So today we left at 7:00 am and got home about 4:30 pm – so if you were to ask me ‘hey was that a long day’?  I’d have to say ‘you know, I believe it was….’


2 thoughts on “Tangerang 1st Ward”

  1. That is one of the wards – they were then branches that we attended so it was wonderful to see some of the members in your photos. Sister Buell the next time you see her please give Erna Suharto a big hug for us. She is the young woman who attended one of our intensive English classes that we talked about at the MTC so she could pass the English test for BYUH. She graduated last year and is now teaching ESL classes.


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