Odds & Ends

This has been a quiet week as to being out of the office, but it’s been very busy as to in-office work.  We have reports to write, updating projects in the database with pictures and documents and planning out upcoming trips.  The mantra “nothing is easy” is never so true when trying to set up meetings with new partners who do not speak English and very tricky and temperamental online reservation websites.   Sometimes it gets to be tough to find translators, drivers, etc., but that’s what we do.  We’re called to do ‘hard things’ and sometimes….it’s hard!  BUT, it’s just all part of the adventure (the name of the blog, after all!); nevertheless, it is often frustrating and just takes time.

We have a very busy week starting next week and will be out for about a week – so there’ll be a ton of stuff from that trip.

So in the meantime, here’s a few odds & ends:

New sate place near the office.  More meat on these skewers, but also more expensive ($1.75 vs. $1.35) for 10 skewers.  The wider skewers on the right are kambing (goat), the skinny skewers on the left are chicken.
This is the little alleyway behind the office where the warungs (food carts) are located.  The sate warung is on the left where the smoke is.  Also notice the high rise construction all around.  Supposedly when they are all done, later this year, this alley and the warungs will go away.


Food cart / warung, serving pecel lele (spicy catfish), ayam kremes (crispy chicken), ayam bakar (grilled chicken), pecel ayam (spicy chicken) and nasi uduk (rice cooked with coconut milk).   That’s raw chicken piled in the corner.  By the way, whenever someplace says “spicy”…..believe it.  And if it ever says “ekstra pedas” (extra hot), holy mackerel – call the fire department.


My new sate place – serving sate ayam (chicken) and sate kambing (goat) and sop kambing (goat soup).


Waiting for my sate, I took this pic of a little guy sitting on the table having a drink….
Taking his work to work – serving mie ayam (chicken with noodles) to the construction workers down the street.
Pedaling his fresh fruit cart to a place he can set up.
Using a stone to crush peanuts (and other ingredients) to make peanut sauce – a staple in Indonesian cooking.
Someone bought a used LAPD Harley….
Getting McDonald’s delivered
Welcome to Jakarta.  Every.  Day.
Purple sweet potato – delish!
Street vendor selling toys, balloons, etc.  from his cart
There are three buildings in the Aryaduta complex with the little cupolas on top.  Our apartment is the furthest to the left, 17th floor.
This is a “paoka” (pah- ohka) – he stands at U-turns and stops oncoming cars so u-turning cars can squeeze in.  Drivers usually give them a coin as they creep by.   Remember, no one is going very fast!
These guys roam the neighborhoods hoping to find something to recycle.

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