Odds & Ends

The Jakarta Stake Center on Suharjo Street
Selling krupuk (crackers) on the highway
Keaka Subandriyo was blessed to day and I had the honor being asked to stand in the circle…
Carrying bottles of something….not quite sure what
Our oven that DeeAnn CANNOT light – she always gives it a try (we have to use a lighter), then gives up and calls me – I do it in one or two tries…..it’s become a running joke
Our beautiful daughter Holly and her husband Lt. Jason Kelley (USAF) with their daughters Isabella (Bells, age 8), Genevieve (Pookie, age 6) and Franteska (Punk, age 2).  They are expecting a son (Lincoln Everett) in June
Here they are on a VERY hot day at San Diego Zoo – April 23, 2017
My sister Carol with Holly – first time they’d seen each other in years…April 22, 2017
Another pic at the zoo…
This nice young lady ran after us to give us some take-away food when we visited her village….
This stack of coins is 5,000 Rupiah ($.35).  I use it to pay the 5,000 Rp. toll that Plaza Semanggi charges the taxi to cut through their parking lot.  If we didn’t do that, it would take another 15 minutes to go around.
DeeAnn wearing her new necklace from Dr. Titi’s hospital.  She helps the trashpickers learn to make jewelry and then she sells it at the hospital.  this was 200,000 Rp ($15.00). 
Street food cart, in the middle of the street, right outside our apartment.  Most carts are at least on the sidewalk or the curb. 
The guard shack at the entrance of our apartment building.  The guards are so nice – we wish they could speak English so we could talk to them!
The building in the back of the picture (behind the blue arrow sign) has the foulest odor in all of Jakarta.  (We think they raise dogs in there.)

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