Taman Mini Stake Service Project

A couple of months ago, we went to Taman Mini, a beautiful cultural park in Jakarta that re-creates 34 provinces of Indonesia in one location.  The park recreates the architecture of homes and community buildings, dress, dance, food, art, etc.  so you can walk from one island province to another – Bali, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, etc. – and get a sense of what it’s like there.  A great experience!  But, when we were there, we couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of trash that had been there a while, so we thought it would be a nice project to help them clean up a little.  We talked to Taman Mini park management who was more than willing to let us come.  However, when tried to put together an Area project, we found out the Jakarta Stake, not LDS Charities, had to be the sponsor.  So the Jakarta Stake took it over.

We had estimated 60 people or so would come – so we gathered at 2:00 pm.  (This was the afternoon activity after spending the morning with Dr. Titi.)

Old friends from around the stake greeting each other.
DeeAnn with Lia and Sister Subandriyo

By the time we all gathered, there were over 200 people there!


There were over 200 people there!


President Djarot (the Stake President) giving last minute instructions to the gathering
Subandriyo and President Djarot
So after instructions, off we went – some went a few feet and started sweeping!  The group picture was taken on the other side of the wooden fence on the right..
Unfortunately, we no sooner got started, than it started POURING rain.  It does that here – a lot….and this is the dry season!
We took shelter under the CFC (California Fried Chicken) patio

After it slowed down a little, we made our way over to the main shelter where most of our crowd was staying dry.

Some of the Young Women in the Stake staying dry…
Br Cooper (Jakarta 3rd Ward – the Expat Ward) came with his family
The “Helping Hands” vests
DeeAnn with President Djarot (Stake President) and President Ariono (1st Counselor)
Betawi (Jakarta) characters entertained during the rain under the shelter…

Finally, it was time to call it on account of rain, and people went home.  It was a great project, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to do too much.  Hopefully, they will reschedule and we can try it again!


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