RS Lestari Anak & Ibu – Dr. Titi

A busy day – we went to RS Lestari A&I (Hospital for Women and Children) this morning to observe a couple of cleft lip / palate surgeries and it turned into a couple of other things as well.

First of all, cleft lip and palate surgery is absolutely life changing as growing up in Indonesia with a cleft lip is traumatic.  This surgery literally gives these kids a new life; it also gives them the ability to eat normally and get the nutrition they desperately need.  It allows them attend school and be a “normal” kid in the neighborhood without the stigma of a physical facial challenge.  Many would be hidden away by the parents out of shame because the stigma is often that the parents have done something wrong.  It’s tragic and this surgery can change those lives for the good.

IMG_7384     IMG_7386


First surgery is done – there will probably be 3-4 more.
DeeAnn comforting mama
DeeAnn observing (up close) a cleft lip surgery repair on a 15-year old. 
We then met with Dr. Titi, who gave us a treat of kolak (sweet potato and banana in warm coconut milk and brown sugar).
Then it was like Christmas morning when she got to open a bag of surgical instruments we delivered – a gift from Dr. Bill Jackson and Charity Vision.  She was SO excited!
Thousands of dollars worth of stainless steel surgical instruments

So then, Dr. Titi asked us to help her distribute a donation of clothes, toys and rice that were to be given to some poor families who had come to the hospital.  So we did just that:

The baby on the left was having none of it!
We gave them vouchers so they could ‘shop’ and pick out what they wanted.
Bagging donated rice


He’s not sure about any of this!
Helping the girls shop


We are so in awe of Dr. Titi and all she does!  It is a privilege to know her and work with her.


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