Getting Around Jakarta / Indonesia

Some have asked how we get around Jakarta and Indonesia, so I thought I would show not just how we get around, but how everyone gets around.  I’ve been working on this for a while, getting the pictures, and actually still need a few more.  Every city in Indonesia has their version of the same methods, so besides the obvious planes and trains, here’s the rest:

Motorcycle – by a landslide, the most popular way for Indonesians in every city to get around.  99% of them are in the 100-125 cc range – small and maneuverable so they can cut in and around traffic – and boy do they
If they don’t have their own bike, they hitch a ride on Go-Jek, Grab or Uber – the driver has a Go-Jek jacket and the riders wear the helmet.
Here’s the Uber driver
Bicycles, of course – the chosen mode of transportation for the missionaries also!
Had to take this motorcycle powered one-seater in Jogja
Becak – a bicycle pedal taxi
Bajai – a little 3-wheeled taxi.  No meter, so it’s whatever you can negotiate, which is very difficult to do if you don’t speak Bahasa, because the chances of getting a bajai driver that speaks English is near zero
Ankot (ahn-coat) are everywhere and cheap – for about 4,000 Rp ($.30). 8-10 people will cram into these and sit knee -to-knee.
Ankot’s come in every color of the rainbow and in some colors not found in nature….



Then there’s the Metro Mini


Mikrolet is just a small bus
And then Kopaja, which is a little bit bigger – still cheap at about 4-5,000 Rp ($.30-.35)
Trans Jakarta is the big public transit bus
Here’s the double trans-Jakarta bus
Taxi – the most popular taxi company by far is Blue Bird – they have about 50% of the market.  They are everywhere and if it’s not raining or there’s a demonstration, you can usually flag one down in less than a minute.  Starting fee is 6,500 Rp ($.50)  The ride from our apartment to the office (about 10-15 minutes) is $1.50.
White Express taxi’s are a distant second to Blue Bird;
There’s red….
Silver Bird – owned by Blue Bird company – and for the more well-heeled clients.  They are all Mercedes and much more expensive.
Blue Bird has big buses for rent;
And medium-sized buses.
The extremely well-heeled drive their Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s or (like this) McClaren on Sunday morning when the traffic is light and they can go fast.

4 thoughts on “Getting Around Jakarta / Indonesia”

  1. Thanks for this ride down memory lane for us…we never rode the big buses and were not allowed to ride on a motorcycle even when it was the quickest way to get somewhere. How about a picture of a train with all the people on top…


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